• Light Floral Scent, Feels Refreshing 清新花香味,神清气爽
  • Exude Pure & Elegant Aura, Enhancing Overall Femininity! 散发高雅气息,提升女人味!
  • Pleasant Scent & Perfect for All Day Use 味道温和持久

SIR Certified Trustworthy Product


CALLEY DIARY LILY BODY MIST is a high-end lily-scented mist that contains 14 ingredients, including natural plant extracts. It is definitely an ideal choice for those who are allergic to fragrances and those who are looking for mild fragrance mist!

CALLEY DIARY LILY BODY MIST’s soft floral scent is mild and long-lasting, with a natural light floral scent that’s perfect for all day use. Lilies have fresh floral pleasant fragrance which is appealing towards others and make people feel refreshed. Before going out, apply the body mist and the fresh floral fragrance of lilies will exude pure and elegant aura all day long, enhancing your overall femininity!

The packaging design is not only elegant, but also light and easy to carry, which can come in handy on important occasions!


CALLEY DIARY LILY BODY MIST 是一款高端的百合花香喷雾,它含有14种成分,其中包括天然植物提取物,非常适合对香精过敏及追求温和香味的你!


CALLEY DIARY LILY BODY MIST 是一款柔和花香,味道温和持久的喷雾,淡雅的香氛很适合全天候使用。百合花有着阵阵的清新花香味,清香宜人,使人神情气爽。只要出门前使用,一整天散发着一股清纯高雅的气息,提升整体的女人味!



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